"The Best Christmas We've Ever Had"

A Family Thanks VCC for a Gift Basket

For Christmas 2015, VITAS Community Connection used local donations to create holiday gift baskets for families in need of assistance in the Pittsburgh and East Bay, California areas.

One of the families who received a gift basket wrote us a thoughtful letter expressing their gratitude. We've removed their personal information from the letter, which you can read here:

Christmas Basket Thank You Letter - VITAS Community Connection

Here's the text of the letter above. It has been edited to remove personal information.

Dear Christmas sponsors,

Please forgive me for taking so long to respond. Thank you for the awesome Christmas you provided for the ... family. February 22 of 2015 I was diagnosed with ... I was given 1-30 days to live. My husband was already diagnosed with ... Doctors expected him to die within 12 months. Our medical bills are piling up daily. We had no plans to celebrate Christmas with gifts.

What our family experienced from you [on] Christmas seemed like a dream. I was waiting for someone to repossess the presents. I was expecting to receive a bill for the gifts to add to our debt of medical expense. After a period of time, the realization of this Christmas settled in. Thank God for people with big hearts that gave my family the best Christmas we have ever had. Yes we experienced some heaven on earth. The ... family is overwhelmed with the love and generosity. Words cannot express what our hearts feel. We pray that God blesses you with health and prosperity.

Thank you